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Monday, January 9, 2017

Message of Solidarity to the District
This was written to the NBHS Staff from Mark Nuerohr-Pierpaoli-NBEA Executive Committee Member at Large.  The Negotiation Chairpersons felt this letter should be shared with the district and beyond.  Kudos Mr. NP!

"Hi everyone,

I wanted to reach out and thank most of you for participating in the 2 actions we've held so far.  It has been a wave of red across the district the last two Fridays, and we are excited to see such engagement.  

I've already gotten several questions about "what's next?"  Many people are looking forward to increasing the pressure to settle our contract.  I am too.

The first Red Friday was a test of our organizing capability.  Most union reps found out on Wednesday night at rep council that the first action would be that Friday -- in just 30 hours from that moment, our members would show up to work either dressed in red or not. Organizers worked hard on Thursday to make sure that the word got out, and the effort paid off.  We proved that we could turnaround and organize on short notice.  

Today's Red Friday was planned to coincide with the district's "Blue T-Shirt" day.  Once a month, the district has provided a day for employees to wear Prepare, Empower, Inspire tees -- but together, we said that we're not going to be walking billboards for a district that won't settle a fair and decent contract.  We came out with red, instead.  And once again, our message was heard.  For the next one, make sure to take plenty of pictures and share them with Carolyn Newsom, who runs social media.  

Like many of you, I am excited to build momentum and strength.  I am looking forward to escalating tactics and organizing for the best contract we've ever gotten, the one that we really deserve.  

But we have to start where we're at.  We are only as strong as the weakest member in our organization.  It's up to us to hold ourselves accountable.  And if you saw someone today not wearing red, I hope you asked them why they weren't dressed for success.  I did.  And I didn't hear a single convincing reason why not.    
We can't do more if we don't have 100% doing the least.  

There's more coming soon.  I've heard from one Action Team organizer that we have a lot more to look forward to, but we don't want to be predictable; we need to be able to work on short notice.  So with that said, keep on the lookout for our next action.  We'll have more information for you next week after the executive committee meeting.  

Thanks again to everyone who participated in today's Red Friday.  You are one of the strong.  You are helping us to win.  And like you're counting on others, everyone else is counting on you.  Keep up the good work.  

-- NP"