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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Contract Highlights

• 3 year agreement
o Year one- 3%
o Year two- 2.75%
o Year three- 2.5%

• All pay is retroactive to July 1st

• Workday extended 10 minutes for certificated staff

• Two monthly meetings per month, including Back to School night and Parent/ Teacher conferences

• Option to carry over personal days as personal days
o Can have a maximum of 6

• Evaluation language changes:
o Coincides with Achieve NJ
- no longer have language specifying one month between observations.
- announced and unannounced may be in any order.

• Maintenance and custodians increase boot allowance to $100

• Building and Maintenance vacation:
One-three years two weeks
Four to seven years three weeks
Eight years plus four weeks

Current employees with greater vacation time will be grandfathered.

• New secretaries:
Secretaries hired after January 1, 2017 will have the following vacation schedule:

One-three years two weeks
Four years and up three weeks

Current secretaries are grandfathered under current language

• Defined timelines for payment when moving across columns so that employees will get paid faster.

• Coaches will be paid half their stipend midway through the season and the rest at the end of the season.

• Corrective Action Plans (CAPS)
Maintains one additional observation
Reps sign a confidentiality agreement when attending CAP meetings

• Insurance changes take effect April 1st

• The Board will assume the cost of any insurance increases up until April 1st.