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Friday, August 26, 2016

Jim George
Mark your calendars to attend the Jim George Collective Bargaining Summit on Oct. 28-29. The overnight summit will include training seminars and speakers. NJEA encourages you to make plans to come to the conference along with members of your negotiations team. NJEA is accepting nominations for the Collective Bargaining Award.

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NJEA Human Rights Award

Nomination forms and documentation for the NJEA Human Rights Award are due Dec. 1, 2016. Awards will be presented at the NJEA Martin Luther King, Jr. Human Rights Dinner next January. Nominees may be an individual, group or organization working in the area of civil rights, and if eligible, NJEA members. Click through for more information and nomination form.

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Nonteaching staff who work with teachers to help pupils learn basic academic subjects must still meet a “highly qualified” standard if they work in schools or districts that receive Title I funds for those programs.

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Unions and the gender pay gap
April 12, 2016. That’s Equal Pay Day, the date that marks how much longer women have to work in order to equal what men earned the previous year. It means that women with the same educational background, doing the same job, have to work 467 days just to earn what their male counterpart did in 365 days. And it’s an economic, social justice, and—yes—union issue that affects everyone, particularly since women make up 47 percent of the workforce, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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NJEA will not forget
This article was supposed to be about something else. It was supposed to be about your role in helping to pass a constitutional amendment that would require the state to make quarterly pension payments and to commit to a responsible funding schedule that would save every taxpayer in the state money over the long term. Instead, it’s about the failed leadership of Senate President Steve Sweeney who did not deliver on his promise to ensure that a constitutional amendment to require the state to contribute its fair share into the public employee pension systems would be placed before the voters this November.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

The three NJEA representatives on the School Employees’ Health Benefits Commission have announced that in order for the commission to operate the way it is intended the governor needs to do his job. The law calls for equal representation of labor and management on the commission. The governor’s refusal to fill a seat vacated by the death of a union representative is an inappropriate attempt to manipulate the composition of the commission in favor of the Administration.

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